Cytotechnology Program



Dr. Daniel F.I. Kurtycz, Medical Director/Pathologist

Daniel F. I. Kurtycz, MD, Medical Director/Pathologist

Professor (CHS), Dept. of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, UW-Madison since 2004. Medical Director for Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene and Director of its Disease Prevention Division since 1998; Chief of Cytology Services since 1985. Fellow, ASC, CAP and ASCP. Serves multiple national and international professional societies as a cytopathology leader.

Michele A. Smith, Program Director

Michele A. Smith, MS, SCT(ASCP), Program Director

Returning to WSLH in 2006, now serving as Program Director of the Cytotechnology Program, Clinical Assistant Professor, and Manager of Cytology Services. Interests include: all aspects of cytology morphology, molecular diagnostics, regulatory policy, and building partner relationships. Member, ASCP, ASC, ASCT, WSC and ACLS.

Changhong Ye, Education Coordinator

Changhong Ye, BS, SCT(ASCP), Education Coordinator

Clinical Instructor since 2000 and now Education Coordinator of the Cytotechnology Program. Interests include: GYN, FNA, and HPV molecular testing. Serves as CMS agent through the ASCT. Member, ASCP, ASC, CAP, WSC.

Nancy Wade, Instructional Program Manager

Nancy Wade, BS, CT(ASCP), Clinical Instructor

Clinical Instructor since 2012, bringing over 20 years of cytotechnology experience. Interests include: FNA, photomicroscopy, and GYN cytology. Member, ASCP, ASCT and WSC.

Erin McCarthy, Supervisor, Cytology Services; Clinical Instructor

Erin McCarthy, BS, CT(ASCP), Supervisor, Cytology Services

Joined the WSLH in 2013 as a Clinical Instructor after four years with UW Hospital and Clinics. Working on her Master’s in Public Health, she is a past recipient of the ASCP Scholarship for Clinical Pathology. Interests: cytology and ancillary testing, and public health policy and practice. Member, ASCP, ASC, and WSC.

John Shalkham, Clinical Associate Professor

John Shalkham, MA, SCT(ASCP), Clinical Assistant Professor

A leader within the WSLH since 1989 and currently Office of Quality Director, Disease Prevention Division Manager, and Clinical Assistant Professor. Multiple awards for outstanding achievements in education and laboratory leadership. Interests: quality assurance, labwide system improvement, and GI cytology. Member, ASC, ASCP, ASCT, WSC.