Joshua Faulkes

Credentials: SCT(ASCP)

Position title: Program Director

Cytotechnologist at WSLH since 2013 with additional experience in Molecular Pathology at Froedtert and WDL labs from 2010 until 2013. Interests include Cervical Screening and Follow-up Guidelines, Public Health Policy, Clinical Laboratory Improvement through Quality Assurance, and Allied Health Advocacy.
Member and Long Term Planning Committee Chair ASC, Member ASCT; President of the WSC

Kaitlin E. Sundling

Credentials: M.D., Ph.D.

Position title: Assistant Professor, Medical Director

Cytopathologist at WSLH and UW Health since 2018. Interests include: molecular diagnostics, image analysis, machine learning, digital pathology, and mathematical oncology. Fellow, CAP. Member, ASC, USCAP, and WSC.