Graduation and Placement Outcomes

Employment outlook:

Gainful Employment Act Disclosure

Cells clumped in the shape of finger complete with fingernail

  • Students have found jobs or continued medical graduate education in the following states and countries: Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico,North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, and Saudi Arabia
  • In the past three years:
    • 100% of our students completed the program
    • 76.47% of our graduates passed the ASCP BOC the first time
    • 100% of our graduates are working in cytopathology, related clinical laboratories, biotechnology, or have gone on to graduate medical education
      • 60% are working cytotechnologists
      • 25% are working in clinical laboratories, biotechnology industry, or other healthcare-related professions
      • 15% are enrolled in graduate medical education
  • Salaries vary by type of laboratory and region of the country.
    • Our students averaged a starting, entry-level salary of $25.50/hour in the field of cytotechnology.
    • For those in related fields, average salaries ranged between $17 and $30/hour.